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I have deldung since few months, and i applied for driving license, and after few months i passed the exam. The school told me i may not get a driving license because of my deldung but i alread get an official certification from dekra that i passed. Is it true that i will not become a driving license? And is there a legal way to get it because i already pass it and need it for work. Please answer me what opportunities i have. Thank you
asked Sep 22, 2018 in Legal advice by Kim

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As far as you are able to prove your identity you can always be able to obtain a German Driver's License. the Duldung is not actually the problem the problem is about the prove of identity. Anyone who are able to prove thier identity and are able to Pass the exams which consists of the Writing and Driving part can obtain the Driver's license. We have almost similarly question here, you can also read the answer given by @thor carefully Good luck and best regards Nelly
answered Sep 22, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
edited Sep 22, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
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