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Dear Wefugee,

I have been granted my assylum recently. However, I have a driving license issued from the United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi and it's valid until 24-09-2024.
How can I transfer it or get the german one? What is the things I have to do?

Thanks and regards,
asked Jun 6, 2016 in Other Questions by AyhamAlia
You should take your Arabic driving license to ADAC for translations and after that then go to a driving course.
But before make a first aid course!
I don't know how good do you speak German, because the first aid course is in German.

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Hello Ayham,

you can apply for a temporary valid license in a German citizen center or town hall (valid 6 months). This can be prolongate for another 6 months.
Then you have to pass a German driving license exam (theory and practice). You don't have to do a special training for that, just register for a driving license exam at a driving school.

For short information see (German text - Google translation)
For details see (very detailed, German text - Google translation)

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jun 6, 2016 by Jan
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