I came to Germany for an ausbildung from a non-eu country. But i think starting this ausbildung was not a good idea for me, i didn't like it and im not happy. I found a job here. I have studied translation&interpretation in my country and this job is also about interpretation. Is there a way for me to convert my ausbilung visa to work permit? ( I got my visa with this ausbildung contract)

Thanks in advance
asked Sep 15, 2022 in Work by Auseli | 1,121 views
I have the exact same issue .PLease update if you successfully changed your visa.

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Hi @Auseli,

It is possible to change to a work permit. However, the work permit is for people with a qualification. You need to have your qualification recognised as comparable with a German one. This can be done using the database Anabin or the authority ZAB:



Here is an example of the process and documents needed in Berlin:


The process and documents, however, should be the same throughout Germany. Once your qualification has been recognised and you have an offer of a qualified position, you can apply to change your permit.



answered Sep 16, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
What happened did you change it to work visa because i have exactly the same situation as you. Can you please let me know?
Any update about this?
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