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Hi. I started an ausbildung with the 16A law in Germany. The problem is i want to change my ausbildung place because im suffering from mobbing here. And im pretty sure they dont even realise that they are mobbing. Is it possible to change ausbildung place wihout facing any problem with visa. Cause i get this visa with their contract.
asked Sep 20, 2022 in Education by Auseli | 1 view

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Hi! We are really sorry to hear that.

 Do you want to take action against bullying? Is there anything we can do to support you in this process? 

If you are looking for a new Ausbildung, here we have already answered a similar question on Wefugees: https://***.wefugees.de/807702/what-steps-change-ausbildung-which-residence-permit-depends?show=807702#q807702 

Also, we can recommend you the Arrivo project if you are in Berlin. They can help you to find a new Ausbildung. You can contact the organization by mail or by phone.

 030 | 259 349 00 arrivo-tk@bus-projekte.de 

here is the website: https://***.arrivo-berlin.de 

Another job exchange outside of Berlin can be found at: https://workeer.de

 Also the usual job exchanges: stepstone and Indeed 

Here you can find an overview of possible Ausbildung: https://***.bibb.de/dienst/berufesuche/de/index_berufesuche.php/

 I hope these information and useful and don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions. All the best, Saskia

answered Sep 22, 2022 by Saskia Wefugees
Hi Saskla, thanks for your answer. Is it still possible to find an Ausbildung in different area. Cause they keep saying this sector is so bad, why do you even choose this, you should quit your wasting your time etc. Even if they are not right i dont even know that i want to do this in another place but i don't want to waste my 1 year as well. If it still possible to find another ausbildung and doing paperworks in time please let me know. Cause if its possible im gonna spend my time for it. (If i find an ausbildung in the same sector in february, can i continue my ausbildung there or should i start over again?)
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You need to find Ausbildung Platz First. When they approve inform to IHK regional office. When you have IHK confomation and new contract good to go. You can submit that to Ausländerbehörde
answered Sep 21, 2022 by Coop
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