I want someone to answer my question in a little bit detail. I am currently doing an Ausbildung to become Pflegefachkraft, and i am still in my probezeit (first six months of the Ausbildung), but i want to switch fields and do an Ausbildung as mechatroniker so i have some questions. I came to germany on this Ausbildung visa which is valid for six months.

1: If i get a new contract can i leave this Ausbildung during probezeit?
2: Can i tell Ausländerbehörde that i have changed my Ausbildung, on the appointment day when i go there to get a Aufenthaltstitel (I havent received it yet)?

Please answer thoroughly.
Thank You.
asked Dec 16, 2023 in Education by Mesutozil | 472 views

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Hi @Mesutozil

  1. Yes you can switch Ausbildung if you get a new contract.
  2. I recommend you inform them as soon as you have a new contract. The conditions of the Ausbildung have to be checked by the Agentur für Arbeit before the Ausläbnderbehörde can approve it. The Ausländerbehörde will presumably have to change the expiry date of the permit as the new Ausbildung will finish at a later date to your current one. If you wait to inform them on the day you go to get your permit, there is a possibility they will not give it to you as it is based on your contract as Pflegefachkraft.



answered Jan 5 by mbeon-Éanna
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