I am an assylum seeker with a pending decission from the BAMF, i got married to my German partner in the USA via online marriage ceremony, Original marriage certificate and Apostille has been sent to me (Marriage is official in the USA). In registering the marriage in Germany an Extended registration certificate (Erweiterte Meldebescheinigung) is among the requirement that was listed. With my status here in Germany how is it possible i get one or is there a way i can get it done without it.
asked Jun 18, 2022 in Legal advice by mufasa | 211 views

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Dear @mufasa,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

People can get the “erweitere Meldebestätigung” (extended registration certificate) at the local registration office (i.e. Bürgeramt or Einwohnermeldeamt) and compared to the simple registration certificate, it may contain additional data. These data includes details on gender, legal representative, current nationalities, legal affiliation to a religious community, previous address(es), date(s) of moving in and out, marital status, data on spouse or civil partner, data on minor children, data on identity card, recognised passport or passport replacement document, eID card and proof of arrival in accordance with the Asylum Act as well as the AZR number. Data on information and transmission blocks may not be included in a registration certificate (information from this website of the Bavarian authorities).

As long as you are officially registered in a municipality, I don’t see a reason why you may not be able to get the extended registration certificate. Do you agree dear @mbeon-Gabriele or @mbeon-Ruth?

All the best,



answered Jun 19, 2022 by Meike
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Good morning @Mufasa, I agree with my dear colleague Meike that you can easily apply for an extended certificate of registration. As you have learned by now, many documents have to be provided and official procedures have to be overcome in order to register a marriage abroad in Germany and then to be able to move in with your spouse. If you need a registration certificate, for example, for the purpose of marriage or for presentation at an embassy/consulate (i.e. in an international context), this is then an extended registration certificate. Extended registration certificates are usually applied for in person or in writing (with a copy of the identity document attached). As a rule, you can choose which of the following additional data you want to receive: - Previous addresses (if stored) - Move-in date, move-out date, change of status date - marital status - religion - Sex / gender - Identity card / passport data - Current nationalities - Proof of arrival (AKN) - Data on legal representative (surname, first name, degree of doctorate, date of birth and address) - Data on spouse or civil partner (surname, first name, degree of doctorate, date of birth and address) - Data on minor children (surname, first name, date of birth and address) For this reason, you must state for which office (e.g. which authority) you require the extended registration certificate and with which contents. The fees for this vary from place to place, but are usually around €10.00. I wish you and your partner all the best. Kind regards Gabriele
answered Jun 20, 2022 by mbeon-Gabriele
Great! Many thanks for your quick reply and the details, dear @mbeon-Gabriele! Much appreciated! Best wishes, Meike
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Hi there Mufasa! Could you please provide an update on whether you were able to legalize your online marriage? I am considering using a Utah online marriage for my partner and I, but it looks like getting it recognized by Germany might be tricky. What ended up happening in the past 6 months? Thank you! Zoe
answered Apr 6 by opalo.brillante
Getting the Utah marriage certificate recognised in Germany is not an easy process, but in my case it helped me and my spouse proof our serious intent of wanting to stay together since the process here in Germany takes a while to get a date to get married.At the end of it all i was asked to meet up with the requirement of the marriage registry here in Germany , for them to issue me a German certificate. Depending on your country of origin, it takes time for them to get thier investigations done and can be quite expensive.
Thank you so so much for your quick reply! So to confirm, you were indeed able to get the marriage recognized in Germany? They never asked you for proof of travel to USA?

 This is what I am mainly worried about, I see that the certificate is a completely normal marriage certificate and shouldn't say anything about it being online...but I am worried that the fact that we don't have any proof of travel to USA for those dates might raise suspicion, and I just found another post on this forum saying they were asked for proof of travel.

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable experience with me!!
I was asked for proof of travel to the USA, of which i dont have  because it was online. in my own case the marriage certificate from Utah only prooved the genuine intent of me and my spouse getting married. at the end of it all i had to meet t with the requirement of getting married here in Germany. i will advice you go to your standesamt and get the requirements you needed for you  getting married to your spouse because there is no other way around it.
So you actually had to get married a second time in Germany? Or just had to show all of the same documents as you would need to get married?

Our issue is that we have planned a spiritual ceremony for the end of june and we are worried that we will not actually manage to get married in time for our celebration if we go the route of getting everything done here in Europe because of all of the beurocrocy! I understand we will still have to get it accredited in Germany before I can continue my immigration process, but it is nice to think we would be legally married in time for our celebration wedding.
Yes you will be required to get married again in Germany.
Thank you very much for the update, dear @mufasa! It also for us very interesting! And I am happy to hear that you were able to manage the whole process - well done! All the best for you! Meike
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