currently I have an aufenthaltsgestattung and i got a job offer but they told me i can get the job only if i have a valid work permit. I tried to convince them if they can give me a contract then the immigration authority will issue a work permit for the specific job but they said they need the permit first. I am really frustrated with this procedure and I don't even have anyone to consult this issue as there is no social worker. this is my 3rd job offer but it seems impossible to get a job. i really need help. Is there any solution?
asked Jan 16 in Work by MM

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Dear @MM,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

"Handbook Germany" is summarising the rules very well: "Asylum seekers can obtain a work permit if they have been in Germany for 3 months and are no longer obliged to live in an initial reception facility. If you still have to live in an initial reception centre, in case you have underage children, you can obtain a work permit after 6 months- and if you don't have children, after 9 months.  Rejected asylum seekers whose application have been rejected due to the Dublin agreement i.e.  other EU countries are responsible for their case AND those who come from a safe country of origin and have applied for asylum after August 31, 2015, cannot obtain work permits.

IMPORTANT: Your work permit will be only valid for a specific job. Your future boss will need to fill a form to describe the offered position, and you should apply for a work permit. Once both forms have been filled and submitted, the immigration office is obliged to react within two weeks. If you have not received any answer, contact a counselling centre. You can also submit an emergency application to the Administrative Court."

I think in your case it would be very helpful to contact a counselling office to support you. Can you share your approximate location with us? I would be happy to make some research on contact details - I am sure we can find respective services in your area!

All the best,


answered Jan 17 by Meike
Hi Meike,
Thanks alot for your prompt response. I am currently staying in Esslingen am Neckar in a privat Wohnung so I was informed that the social workers don't work for us after 6 months of moving in a private accommodation. After that I  contacted Diakonie and Caritas but noone replied and now me and my husband we both are in a helpless situation and the most depressing thing is we don't have any access to language course also no job inspite of having qualifications. We are really seeking for some help in our locality.
With regards
Hey MM,
You have to get the work contract first from your company,  then let them fill out the form  and submit it to Ausländerbehörde, and after that the Ausländerbehörde will also consult Agentur für Arbeit for approval.
If both Ausländerbehörde and Agentur für Arbeit give their approval then you will be issued work permit within 2 to 4 weeks .
If the company refuse to offer job contract, I think they are not willing to give you the Job, you have to look elsewhere.

Wish you good luck

Dear @MM

I was conducting a bit research and found on a website ( the contact details of the "Arbeitskreis Asyl Esslingen". 

Brunhilde Burgmann 

Tel. 0711 / 34 50 32 3 

Fax. 0711 / 34 54 56 8 


I would recommend you to contact them and explain about your situation. I hope they can support you! Otherwise you may find other contact details in the above shared link as well! 

All the best, 


Thanks alot Meike.
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