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Hi all,

I know the question has been asked a few times. But the answers I found are confusing.

For example a refugee lives in a bordering town and gets a job on the other side of the border. Therefore that individual can commute everyday. Can s/he legally accept the position?

What I mean is working in another country without moving to that country permanently. Maybe it may also be applicable when someone accepts a remote job.  S/he is a refugee in Germany and starts working remotely with a Belgian company (not as a freelancer).

I know that after 5 years they can apply for the settlement permit of another country and with that they can have the work permit. I am interested to know what happens if they want to do that before 5 years.

Thanks in advance.


Update: I found this link regarding application for Belgian work permit for non-eu residents living in bordering countries. No idea whether it is applicable for refugees as well or not.
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