Hi WeFugees,

My husband and I are asylum-seekers, and currently pursuing a case to reconsider our stay (basically our application was rejected, and we have submitted a case, and now waiting for a court date). We have been living here for almost a year now, and we are taking A1 lessons. Recently, a German friend referred my husband to a startup (as my husband is a programmer). Now he is working there for more than 3 weeks. Today, my husband went to the Landkreis to apply for a Blue Card (we were told earlier that he can avail it), however he is now told that he is not eligible for a Blue Card, but he can still work using another permit.

My questions are:

1) What could possibly be the permit? We already have our Ausweis, and he was informed that his documents (diploma, CV, etc) will be reviewed in in 2 to 3 weeks.

2) After his documents will be reviewed, what could possibly be the next scenarios? I'm just worried that he'll lose his job there.


asked Feb 26, 2018 in Work by ADS98 | 808 views

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Hello @ADS98

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.

1) Labour market access for asylum seekers is restricted. Ausländerbehörde has to give their consent for every job that your husband wants to do. In addition, Ausländerbehörde will ask Bundesagentur für Arbeit for their consent as well. They will get in contact with each other automatically - your husband doesn’t have to do that himself. In some cases it is not necessary to get permission by Bundesagentur für Arbeit, but they will inform him about it if it’s the case.

If everything goes fine your husband will get a work permission in the end that allows him to do the specific job that he asked Ausländerbehörde for a permission for.

2) Do you mean that his documents are under review to be officially acknowledged (“Anerkennung”)?

Best regards,
answered Feb 26, 2018 by Thor
Hi @Thor! Thank you for responding to my questions!

1) Hmm, I think that seems to be the case. I was really nervous that he accepted the job without consulting Landkreis (although, according to one person at Landkreis -- who happens to be the same guy who told us that my husband's eligible to get a Blue Card -- that he can get on a job first before applying for a Blue Card. So I think it's not my husband's fault...). He is currently working at a startup as a Java programmer. :( I am so scared.

2) I still have to ask him if his documents will be reviewed to be officially recognised  (I'll get back to you on that). All he said today was he submitted his documents, and will be reviewed in 2 to 3 weeks, then he will receive something from them in the mail, possibly the result.

I am just hoping my husband won't get penalised, or be removed from the job after this. :(
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