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Dear members i have a question concerning my appointment to renew my duldung with the Auslanderbehörde. I live with my girlfriend who has unbefristet resident permit and she is a nurse, my child also received unbefristet from the mother, we all live together on same address. I am about to finish B1 and its been 1 year now . On my new appointment to renew the Duldung this month , the auslanderbehorde added that i should come with one of these documents from my homeland to the appointment, school certificate, baptism certificate, voters ID to the appointment. And they also wrote i should comply due to the article 82 Aufenthalt G

Please does anyone have idea why i need to go  with one of these documents to the Auslanderbehorde?

They already have my passport and again this same month i have to go to court with the child and the mother .
asked Jan 13 in Legal advice by Albertz

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