Hello to everyone,

I want some legal advice please. I had applied for German nationality in January 2021 and the process time has taken on 9 months now and the BürgerAmt is telling me that it can take upto a year for the process to be completed but I want to ask that, I had written in my application for exemption of my previous nationality cancellation because I am a recognized refugee and I am not allowed in my foreign office as recognized refugee.

Now is the reason should be good enough for my case worker or do I have to get a lawyer because I don’t want to get an objection after waiting a year and submitting an answer and waiting longer for the decision. And secondly could a lawyer also push the case worker to make a decision early?.

Thanks in advance.


Ali .
asked Sep 17, 2021 in Legal advice by AliA2k

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2 Answers

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"And secondly could a lawyer also push the case worker to make a decision early?" 

- I can totally agree that you need a lawyer to speed up the process. Get a lawyer now.

answered Sep 17, 2021 by someoneingermany
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Ali I also applied in January and did it through my lawyer. Have you paid the fees? ‭+49 152 16894598‬ Whatsapp me
answered Sep 20, 2021 by Zere
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