Hi wefugee team I got a positive response from bamf but the Ausländerbehörde told me they still wait for final notification from bamf not sure what does that mean?
This is what they said: Wir müssen jetzt auf die Abschlussmitteilung des Asylverfahrens warten.

Could you please clarify this for me?
asked Jun 19 in Legal advice by Azimi
Dear @Azimi, welcome back and thanks for reaching out to us again. I will link my dear colleague @mbeon-Éanna here, maybe he can help you to clarify your question. Best wishes, Julia

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Hi @Azimi, The Abschlussmitteilung is a final letter that BAMF will send to the local immigration authority (Ausländerbehörde) where you live. It confirms the status that BAMF has decided to give you. If you have already received your letter (Bescheid) from BAMF, then it should not take much longer for them to receive this Abschlussmitteilung. It's possible that if they currently have many applicants from the Ukraine, it could take longer for them to contact you. You can already send an application for a residence permit to the Ausländerbehörde with a copy of the BAMF Bescheid. This should hopefully speed up the process. If you have been receiving financial support from the Sozialamt up to now, you should make an application to the local Jobcenter in order to continue to receive financial support. They can begin to process your application and once you have either a residence permit or Fiktionsbescheinigung (a document from the Ausländerbehörde to prove you have applied for a residence permit) they can provide you with the money you need. Let us know if you have any other questions. Best, Éanna
answered Jun 20 by mbeon-Éanna
Hello Ms. Eanna thank you for your response. I have requested for an application at the jobcenter and hopefully I recieve financial support before I even get my fiktionbescheinigung from Auslanderbehoerde and this was my last month at social amt. I already sent them my expired aufenthaltgestatung too
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