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Hello everyone

Hope you are all fine

Yesterday I was submitted my application for Aufenthaltstitel after Marriage with my German wife (section 28 ) I’m also in Duldung

After applying Aufenthaltstitel , Ausländerbohre also  interviewed us, and  asked about 27 different questions about over life, we are almost matched word by word about in 22 answers , and 4 of them are like 50 percent same answers
Now I’m in stress whey they interview us ,??

How many percent is chance they give me Aufenthaltstitel

Thanks in advance
asked May 6 in Asylum proceedings by Lovely34
Hello. How long did your documents take to be verified from your home country?... And how lomg did the regional court take to approve?
In my case about 2,5 years
But generally about one year
6 to 8 month verification from homeland and one month from court

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2.5years? Thats too long am happy its all behind you now... I believe by then your cert of no impediment had expired.. Did they tell you to bring a new copy?
answered May 7 by Zm
Yes it’s too much late
But everyone have not same problem and situation, normally it’s take more then one year
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