Good day, Looking for answers from people who are married already. What documents are required to submit after the marriage?

l am still confused with the system its been few months after l got married. My husband is an EU resident. We got married in Germany. l am a asylum seeker. l asked the Ausländerbehorde office a month ago about what l have to bring for my residence permit application. The lady said my husband has to be registered under Germany address, marriage certificate and must have work here since l don't work, l receive Social help. Today l received an email from Ausländerbehorde office after l asked same question and was told l only need my Marriage certificate and my husband's  Identity Documents. l don't know what to believe anymore.

Those who applied for residence permit what documents did you submit?

Thank you
asked May 4, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by kathy | 723 views

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Hello Kathy

Hope you are fine

Today I was in my Ausländerbohre for Aufenthaltstitel

They said me to bring

Valid passport


Marriage certificate

my Ausweis

Ausweis from my wife

Monthly Income

100 euro

A1 certificate

Mietvertrag ( Appartement Contract)

And I want to tell you another one thing they have take also our interview my wife was in another room and I’m in another room

How we meet ,How we sleep, which side sleep in bed , Date of birth, palace of birth ,room colour , Urlaub. Krankheit, tattoo or other things in body like mole or Operation cut etc ,Friends, hobby, partners or siblings , favorite food, drinks., about wedding and gifts , about birthday party and  gift , And same like about  30 different questions you also note that things

I Wish you best of luck
answered May 5, 2021 by Lovely34
Thank you so much. l didnt know my husband is suppose to join me for the interview. Is it a must? My husband stopped working yesterday. Can l still apply  since he is not working now? Last question when is your residence permit coming out did they tell you?
I think yes you can apply after he didn’t worked .My wife is also took money from social  she is German citizen
And yes you both prepare about interview same questions same answers you both must have knowledge about your side and your Partner side.,
She didn’t tell me how long took place about Aufenthaltstitel
thank you l appreciate it.
This answer was helpful. I'm also in the process of getting married, is there any way I can talk to you in private please??
No from Gambia
Which state do you live in germany??
I live in Hessen
Those questions was asked before or after the marriage??
After marriage in Ausländerbohre yesterday after Aufenthaltstitel application
Which stat you live ,?
I live in badenwuttenberg but my girlfriend live in saxony, did you mean your wife was not working and was you living together??
Yes she has just part time job,
And we are now married that’s was we live together
Are you submitted papers for marriage or not,? And your girl friend is German citizen,?
On Monday I'll submit my papers, yes she's a German citizen
How long does it take you to marry??
I can't tell you how long it takes Because in every cases is different from others.,
In my case it’s takes 2,5 years
Usually more than a year
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