Please anyone to share information especially those who are married. Soon after marriage in Germany do l go straight to Auslanderberhörde to register? Its been 3 months now after the marriage and l haven't got help on what to do next. l write for help at local offices here but they don't reply. l feel lost and confused with this process. Thank you.
asked Feb 16, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by kathy | 2,412 views
Can you tell me that what step you did marriage. Means can you tell my details about marriage and what document need bcz both are EU refugee.
you have to contact Standesamt in your area they will tell you all the info you require.
My case the asked for passport, birth certificate, non marriage certificate all translated in German and it was legalised also in my home country
Hi kathy. How long time your documents take to be sent back to Germany by the embassy back at your country... Have waited for 7 months am going craxy
It took 3 working to have the documents verified from the embassy in my country. Then my family send it to me via DHL and got it in 3 days . The process was 1 week .

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Hallo kathy,
First of all congratulations for marriage I am also in same situation I got married in November 2020 and I directly give my marriage certificate to ausländerbehörde and still wait for termin for Aufaufenthaltserlaubnis in case ausländerbehörde is so unfriendly and not helpful, I dont know in which are you are registered?I have some friends who got married and after short time they get termin for Aufaufenthaltserlaubnis. It's  depend  on ausländerbehörde how friendly and helpful they are for foreigners. But at least you send marriage certificate and ask for Aufaufenthaltserlaubnis Termin.
answered Feb 17, 2021 by pk
You can contact me via mobile
l wasn't expecting that. Again what is Wohnsitzauslage? I thought the Ausländerbehörde had your passport from day 1 you came to Germany. When you don't give them your passport in the beginning it will be a problem when you want to process this final stage. My friend is in the same situation. Will update you in my case. All the best brother.
hallo, l was told by Ausländerbehörde l can only apply for residence permit if my husband submit his work permit here in Germany. He is unable to get new work here.My husband opted to apply for freelance permit and work remotely later. As l wait for this is there a way l can visit my husband in his country he is an EU citizen. l have Aufenthaltsgesestattung?

Thank you
No you cant travel to any other country with Aufenthaltsgesestattung because this is not travel document.
Thanks but l guess you wanted to have write its not a travel document. The Ausländerbehörde got my passport and l have marriage certificate. l want to visit my husband and later when the situation with his work is complete l can apply for residence permit.
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Hello Kathy

In this Situation a Good immigration lawyer can   tell you right way and possibilities

Best of luck
answered Mar 18, 2021 by Lovely34
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But I am from Tibet and due to Chinese political problems in Tibet we don’t get an original birth certificate and that’s the problem , also the Standesamt they want the original documents only and thats the big problem..  plz tell me what to do...thanks alot
answered Mar 18, 2021 by tenzin tsering
Hi, The same place you were born have to issue a document and have it legalised and translated in German.
Hello Kathy

I hope your are fine

I just wants to ask you In which situation are you now

Do you have now Aufenthaltstitel.??
Hallo, no l have Aufenthaltsgestattung. The Auslanderhorde said l can only apply for  Aufenthaltstitel when my husband register his address in Germany and employment. He want to apply for freelancer permit .This whole process is tiring.
Hello Kathy if i may ask are you from East Africa. Coz most documents from africa need to be verified by the embassy but for you i saw you write that yours were legalized is it one and the same thing...
Hallo, Yes it is the same thing. My documents including birth certificate, non marriage certificate were legalised at the Home Affairs and Germany Embassy in my county and when l received them here l had both certificates translated to German with a legal translator.
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Hey.does this mean that your documents were not returned to your home country by the staadasmt for verification.... You are so lucky... As they take months and months.. Do. U mind me asking which part of Africa you come from.. East/west
answered May 9, 2021 by Zm
hey ZM, you didnt read well my message all documents were verified/legalized at Germany embassy in my home country. That no lucky that is the procedure. l am from the Southern part of Africa..
Oh. Just meant to say your process is different from most i have heard. I. Guess ever counrty has its own proccedure..... According to the thread saw your hubby was to come and register here first b4 they give u residency.. Meaning you have to stay with green ausweise until then... Are u  still receiving money from social?
yes l am still receiving social funds.
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