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Please anyone to share information especially those who are married. Soon after marriage in Germany do l go straight to Auslanderberhörde to register? Its been 3 months now after the marriage and l haven't got help on what to do next. l write for help at local offices here but they don't reply. l feel lost and confused with this process. Thank you.
asked Feb 16 in Asylum proceedings by kathy

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Hallo kathy,
First of all congratulations for marriage I am also in same situation I got married in November 2020 and I directly give my marriage certificate to ausländerbehörde and still wait for termin for Aufaufenthaltserlaubnis in case ausländerbehörde is so unfriendly and not helpful, I dont know in which are you are registered?I have some friends who got married and after short time they get termin for Aufaufenthaltserlaubnis. It's  depend  on ausländerbehörde how friendly and helpful they are for foreigners. But at least you send marriage certificate and ask for Aufaufenthaltserlaubnis Termin.
answered Feb 17 by pk
Hi, please share if you got any document today while you wait for the 4-6 weeks still confused on that part. Thanks
I was today by Ausländerbohre they take my passport and they wants to post to my other Ausländerbohre
Because he told me your are here in Duldung that’s was you must clarified to your other Ausländerbohre they give you Wohnsitzauslage
After that we take your case
That’s confusing me because I am already in Duldung they wants my passport for deportation
No they will not deport you anywhere because you are married and your wife lives in Germany and they give your passport to other ausländerbehörde because before your asylum was in other ausländerbehörde and now you have anmeldung with your wife .be patience
You can contact me via mobile
l wasn't expecting that. Again what is Wohnsitzauslage? I thought the Ausländerbehörde had your passport from day 1 you came to Germany. When you don't give them your passport in the beginning it will be a problem when you want to process this final stage. My friend is in the same situation. Will update you in my case. All the best brother.
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