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Hello everyone , thank you very much for the help so far.

i have been in Germany for about - year now , and during this time I worked full time job and studied German full time it wasn’t easy but I was able or able to copy because of corona it’s a bit slow but I’m in B1 Level now ...

i wanted to go for Ausbildung when I’m done with my studies just to help my asylum but I have IT skills and recently got a job from a company and the auslander gave me 4 years working permit to work in the company until 2025 ...

what does it mean, if my asylum gets terminated does the Ausländerbehoder withhold my working permit or ??  

Should I now focus on working and maybe get a blue pass if that’ is possible or should I quit my job and do an Ausbildung to save my self ??

i have tried to contact my lawyer but his out of reach and barely returns calls.

I need the best possible advices please

P/s : I already have a university degree and expect an Annekung From the govt
asked 4 days ago in Work by Sanesam

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I can only speak of the 4 years working permit issued to you from the Ausländerbehörde while you still in the Asylum process.
Please be informed that that's doesn't mean nothing, because the same thing happened to me also while my Asylum procedure was still on going.
I had an unlimited work contract from my company and Ausländerbehörde issued me 3 years work permit.
After the final rejection of my Asylum application I managed to maintain my work permit but that will depend on your cooperation in clarifying your identity.
answered 2 days ago by MB
Hi. Thank u for ur answer, I work in a restaurant as a authentic main cook, I work for 5 years and my asylum case is refused by court, how can I apply for any kind a work visa through aüslanderabhöde?
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