Hello every one, I'm already two months in camp. I already passed my two interviews and now I'm waiting for my answer from BAMF. So can I work now ?
I want to work and live in own apartment and support myself
asked Jun 30, 2022 in Work by Zabiullah | 468 views

Dear @Zabiullah, welcome back to our community and thank you for reaching out to us again. I will link our experts @mbeon-Éanna and @mbeon-tina here. Maybe they can help you with an answer. I saw that you opened one more thread with similar content. In order to keep a better overview and information in one place I will close the other one. I hope it is okay for you. Please don't hesitate to get back to us on your situation. Best wishes, Julia.

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Hello Zabiullah, we apologise for the delay! Where exactly are you at the moment? Without knowing your situation exactly, it is a bit difficult to answer your question. Normally, asylum seekers can apply for a temporary work permit when they leave the initial reception centre. After 15 months, a full permit is usually possible if the requirements are met. Generally, as long as you don't have the permit, you are not allowed to work. I will link two of our wonderful experts here (@mbeon-SandraB and @mbeon-fardeen, maybe they want to add some more information. However, you can always contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your case in detail. All the best, Saskia
answered Jul 7, 2022 by Saskia Wefugees
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