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asked 5 days ago in Legal advice by Albertz

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Sorry can you give little bits explanation what you want to ask about
answered 5 days ago by Gentle james
I have a pending case in court , i have a daughter with unbefristet who will be a german in 1st march 2022 . The court told my lawyer they doubt if i can get a work because of the pandemic but i managed to get work.
My lawyer sent the Arbeitsbescheinigung to the auslanderbehorde, the woman said i cannot work cox i am from ghana , i live together with my girlfriend and child they both hv unbefristet and they would be german next year march
Have you clarify your identity by giving them your passport? And have you given them Vaterschaftsanerkennung and Sorgerecht?
Yes i hv clarified my identity, the Auslanderbehörde has my passport
They also have my Vaterschaftsanerkennung
which state is your Ausländerbehörde?
Frankfurt am main
After 3 months of holding duldung and identity clarified, you are eligible to take employment but Agentur für Arbeit has to prove it.
My first 3 months with Duldung has passed i was not allowed to work and the second i hv now 3 months also im not allowed to work.
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