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I am an Asylum Seeker with rejected Asylum status. Recently i got a part time job in Aldi and my contract is such that i will get paid for any overtime that i will do, besides the normal working hours, 26.25hrs a week.

On the approval for work that i recieved from Auslanderbehorde, they have written, "Allowed 26,25 hrs/week". Does this mean that i cannot do any overtime, if so, why is that the case, or why could that be the case ? And i also would like to know if there is something i can or my company can do, to get this changed ?
asked 6 days ago in Work by user1993
l am in the same situation but does Socialamt pay for housing and health insurance if l  work part-time job.

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Hello user1993,
I guess that's the same working hours your employer mentioned in your contract. Either your company only gave you 26 hours or Agentur für Arbeit limited your working time to 26 hours per week.
Ausländerbehörde has nothing to do with it once they allowed you work, if your company had afford you full time contract, the Ausländerbehörde would have mentioned it also in your Ausweis.
I had similar situation like this before, but I could for more hours than the 24 hours per week  mentioned in my Ausweis, and I never had problem with that. Be mindful if your Sozialarbeiter is too technical then he or she will ask you why.
answered 6 days ago by MB
hallo, thanks you answered this. Please help me with info. lf l get part-time job can Socialamt still pay for my rent and health insurance? How does this work?
Yes of course you will still get some money from Sozialamt but they will not pay your rent in full.
You have to send them your payslips and Bank statements every month, so base on your monthly income they will calculate how much you suppose to receive.
What I used to do is this I used to pay my rent myself and then I send them my Bank statements and my pay Slip together with the prove of my rent payment.
thanks for the reply. Someone said they will pay full rent but l won't receive monthly upkeep. l am now confused. Because if l receive 600€ a month as part- time work and if l pay rent then l will be left with nothing after paying electricity, internet etc
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