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I have just renewed my Ausweis (Aufenthaltsgestattung) 3 days ago for another 6 months.  But this time I was surprised to see a AZR number put on my Ausweis which confused me a little bit and my Asylum application hasn't been rejected yet at the court.  since I have been living in Germany almost 4 years now, this AZR number was never put on my Ausweis (Aufentgestattung) and I don't have Duldung.
asked Mar 28 in Asylum proceedings by MB

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Hi, you don't have to worry. According to BMI information, you got registered in the "Ausländerzentralregister (AZR)", the statistical register for foreigners in Germany and the secured information can be traced by this ID number:
answered Mar 30 by elisabeth_e
Thank you very much for that very important information.
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