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Hello Wefugee Team

I am a non EU citizen. I have married to a EU citizen and got EU family visa in April 2017 in Germany. My EU wife is now planing to go back to her own country from Germany.

My Question is:

1)If she goes back to her own country now from Germany, will I lose my residence right even If it is almost 4 years of our marriage?

2)If my residence right stay, will I be able to apply for unlimited residence permit after 5 years?

3)If she goes back to her country, will I be able to apply for divorce from Germany?

4)Will Ausländerbehörde make any problem for me, If they somehow know that my EU wife has already moved back to her own country?

A kind answer, helpful advice and good suggestion will be really appreciated.  

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards

asked Mar 3 in Legal advice by Rocky

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