Hey everyone ,
I have posted a couple times in here, so today i went to the Ausländerbehörde for Aufenthaltsgestatung renewal , but they took awake my Aufenthaltsgestatung and gave me a Duldung and gave me papers that i should leave the country, but i can't leave the country due to many factors one of them i am originally from Palestine , West bank , which is considered (Statenlos) stateless , my original asylum application was denied by BAMF and the appeal was also rejected in court.
They gave me a paper in which they asking me to leave which i have to fill that has three options:
1- ich bin bereit , freiwillig auszureisen
2- Ich bin nicht bereit, freiwillig auszureisen. Grund:
3- ich mache keine Aussage zu meiner Ausreisebereitschaft

So the problem is, i don't know which one to choose ,  and i don't wanna get deported too , they even wrote in duldung papers i recieved that i am not allowed to work, is there anyway i can change that?
So i would like to ask what are my options here and what can i do to not get deported ?
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asked Jan 28, 2021 in Legal advice by Eli712 | 424 views
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