I am an asylum seeker with a twice rejected appeal.

But since i am educated in the field of marketing and IT, i got a good job in an IT company with a good salary, from which i could make some savings. But unfortunately, i had to quit the job after a few months. My question is:

Will the Auslanderbehorde, resume my social benfits, or will they ask me to use my savings? If they do ask that i use the money that i earned, is there a way i can somehow, save or protect this money and get the monthly allowance from the Auslanderbehorde ? Something like, transfering the money to a friend etc ?
asked Jan 11, 2021 in Work by user1993 | 939 views

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You just have to empty your account because they ask for your bank statement. Thank you
answered Jan 11, 2021 by Tony1111
If what you are saying is true, with regards to the bank statement, then even in that case, they will be able to see that i withdrew money from my bank and can question me for.

But, what i want is a solution that i can get back the monthly benefits without having to use my own money that i earned and saved.
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Dear @user1993,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

First of all, the "Ausländerbehörde" (immigration office) is not responsible for the social benefits (Asylbewerberleistungen) for asylum seekers or tolerated (Duldung) people. Usually, the respective authority is called "Sozialamt". 

If you are in Germany longer than 18 months, you may be entitled to receive the so-called "Analogleistungen" according to §2 AsylbLG, which are similar to the money people get from the Jobcenter. Otherwise you will receive the "normal" amount according to §3 AsylbLG or in the worst case the reduced one (sanctioned) according to §1a AsylbLG. 

If I am not mistaken, and as I also took from this table, in case you are receiving the "Analogleistungen", you are allowed to own a personal capital of up to 5000 Euros as single household. If you own more, the Sozialamt will ask you to use it before applying for money. If you are receiving the allowance according to §3 or §1a, the respective amount for capital is only 200 Euros per member of the household/family. 

In general, during the application procedure the Sozialamt will also ask for your bank statements of the last months. They will see if you withdraw a bigger amount of money and (as you mentioned already) investigate. Asking for social money even if you are not in need and you hide your personal money is considered as fraud and crime and I would highly recommend you not to get involved in those kind of matters.

Am I right on this or is there anything you may want to add dear @mbeon-fardeen?

However, please don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions or if my explanations were not clear.

All the best,


answered Jan 14, 2021 by Meike
Hello Meike,

Thank you for answering my question. From your answer though, i would like to clarify a few things:

You are right about the authority for the social benefits. From the time i came to Germany till getting a job i was recieving an amount of Euro 350/month from the Sozialamt, as a single guy.

Then i got the job and was earning good money, paying full taxes on my income. But i had quit the job and have savings from the money that i earned.

You mentioned that if the amount is over Euro5000 then they would ask me to use it. But even when it is taxed income ?

And i have been in Germany for more than 18months, so if i should get the job center benefits, can you tell me how can i apply for it ? and if it has any benefits over the Sozialamt benefits ?

Thanks :)
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