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i got my UN card in malaysia

i wonder if they can help me to find a job to survive

do they arrange such a thing?
asked Jan 23, 2020 in Work by maxbasem7

Dear @maxbasem7

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thanks for reaching out to us! 

Do I understand you correctly, that you are in Malaysia at the moment? 

As our platform and our experts are based in Germany, I am afraid, that we could not share much experiences regarding Malaysia. 

And what exactly do you mean with „UN-Card“? 

Looking forward hear from you again. 

All the best, 


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Hi Meike ^_^ Sorry for the delay

yes i am in Malaysia for 7 years

 and for your second question yes, every  refugee has a UNHCR card

we call it a UN-card for short

my question means if the UNHCR malaysia are able to arrange paid jobs for refugee status..i wonder what are the requirements as well
answered Jan 26, 2020 by maxbasem7
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