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I am German and lived and studied two years in Indonesia, where i get to know my partner, travelled and lived together with him for one  and a half year.

Last autumn he was here for three months with the Schengen-Visa and on March 15th this year i wanted to fly to Indonesia again but the same day all borders closed and there was no way for me to go there due to Corona regulations.

Since then we are in distance relationsship which is quite hard - because we dont know when we can meet again... And the new regulations for unmarried couples of August doesnt work for us, because the german embassy in Indonesia is in lockdown until now.

My partners situation in Indonesia is quite difficult because he has a religious extreme family. And he doesnt believe in the same religion. He stopped the contact and since then they have stalked him, search him even ordered a detective, which made my partners life unstayable, sometimes he was so afraid he could not leave our house or got very paranoid so he could not work.

He is afraid that they will slander and sent him to jail if doesnt follow the religious laws. The family even ordered an Indonesian  man ringing at my door today and search my partner even here in Germany at my adress !!!  

So is there any chance for my partner to get asylum in Germany right now or later due to religious prosecution?

My partner already tried to get the volunteer visa, but all organisations deny people from outside EU right now...

We can also not marry since my partnerĀ“s  family has all the documents that he would need to come here to Germany to marry.

I have no idea what to do, i have no idea when i can see my partner again, and i am afraid the family will someday find my partner and do something crazy to him. Fingers crossed the german embassy is open again soon.

Thanks for advices !
asked Dec 6, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Rumi

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