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To make the story short. Am asylum seeker I was here in germany and I went for interviews which I told them am married in nigeria base on story I told them . Now my marital status in ausländebehöder is not single. Is (married) now my asylum was rejected and I want to change it to single how can I do it. I called ausländebehöder they told me is bamf have to change it. And am planning to get marry with my german woman.  And I have bachelor certificat from nigeria. And from court also . What can I do to change it
asked Nov 12, 2020 in Legal advice by Gentle james

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Dear Gentle James,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for being such an active member.

Regarding your situation: I find it quite difficult. Without knowing the individual circumstances or motives, you apparently were not explaining the truth in your interview with the BAMF. I am sure they will be not too happy about it and I can unfortunately not give you any further information if there will be consequences to expect (most probably also related to your current residence permit/status). Apart from that, I am quite sure that the authorities will check your documentation very well before you will be able to marry. Did you consult the local "Standesamt" (registry office) already? They will explain you which documents you need to provide exactly. For an overview, you may want to check our blog on this topic. Be prepared that authorities might also ask for double-checked documents, affidavits, legalisations etc. (i.e. from the embassy or from initially issuing authorities). 

I will also link two of our experts: Dear @mbeon-Ruth or @mbe-on_Zsigó, can you give any advice here?

All the best,


answered Nov 13, 2020 by Meike
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