sorry, I am again here to ask for a piece of advice.

I was facing a little problem with my last name so I have requested the authority to add my Lastname in all documents in India and it has been approved but now I have spoken to Indian Embassy, Berlin and they told me to apply for a new Passport and might take up to 7 weeks to process it. As my Indian passport with the ABH and process will take too much time, is it possible to ask the ABH to change my name with other Documents such as a Driving License, Identity card, and Affidavit, change in Name Newspaper Advertisement both in India and German?

asked Mar 12, 2021 in Legal advice by Dreamchaser | 625 views

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Dear @Dreamchaser,

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I remember that we discussed your issue with your name and how it is written on documents already a little bit, right? Here the link to that earlier opened thread.

As my colleague explanained back then, the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) will most probably only change data on your documents according to the information given on your passport and birth certificate. On the other hand, they will not make any changes on documents they do not issue in general - the driving license, for instance. You will need to contact the respective authorities which issued your documents. I assume you need to present your passport and and/or birth certificate here as well. I am not exactly sure to what you are referring to with "change name in newspaper advertisement". Maybe you can get back to us and explain a bit more.

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answered Mar 13, 2021 by Meike

Thanks for your reply.

To clear the doubt, i have asked Indian Authorities to add my Last name in all documents except Passport as it is with ABH. Indian Authorities have put my last name but to fulfill their requirements one has to write a Affidavit in presence of Notar and publish a request for change in Name in newspaper Advertisement. 

As in my passport my last name was left blank or haven’t written. German authorities cannot leave it blank and presume or put + in my documents. 

Original documents will take some time to reach then i will apply for new Passport in Indian Embassy , Berlin with add of last name but the process take 7 weeks around, if it possible to change after applying for passport or anything with other documents.


(Check 26 question)

PS i dont want to get my Certificate of completion with + sign on it.

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