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i need some help regarding this really tough situation i am in and it has to do with getting back to berlin, the information i want to share "for me" is confidential. if anyone would like to get hold of me i would really appreciate it a lot so i will leave my email:
asked Nov 5 in Legal advice by J_As_Himself

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Dear @J_As_Himself,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

The platform is designed to discuss, for instance, refugee, (im)migration and residence issues publicly and we are trying to spread valid information as well as share knowledge/experiences. 

To keep your personal data safe, I would highly recommend you not to share any (email) adresses, telephone numbers or real names here. However, the platform is cooperating with experts working with the so-called "mbeon-App". Using the App you can find free of charge, individual and confidential counselling services.

Download for Android:

Download for iOS:

I hope this helps and all the best


answered Nov 6 by Meike
Vielen Dank, Meike i Never knew there was such an app available for such problems :)))).
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