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how could i know which websites is not allowed to surf or download in Germany?

i heard Torrent is not allowed

is there any index to check ?

asked Dec 17, 2015 in Legal advice by SAFi

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there isn't such thing as a mainstreaming internet censorship in Germany.
The use Tor is of course allowed, I myself use it sometimes.
If you can't reach a site it's mostly due to connection or other technical problems. Ask your provider!

Regards, Jan
answered Dec 18, 2015 by Jan
Thank you Jan. I just want to be sure because i saw on FB some people had a fine because they used Torrent websites or they downloads some applications (it's something related to copyrights i think) and it's about 1000 EURO
and about me I didn't get my DSL yet, but i can access the Torrent sites with my mobile and i'm afraid of downloading any thing  
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to be precise: The use of bittorrent is not illegal, you are responsible for the kinds of uploads you do.
Copyright law is an issue in Germany, but that's nothing special.
For more information see this: (information in German)

Regards, Jan
answered Dec 21, 2015 by Jan
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maybe things will be more transparent in the near future.
See this information about HTTP Error Code 451 Approved For Censored Web Pages:

Regards, Jan
answered Dec 21, 2015 by Jan
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Hey there, I checked for you. So Torrent like edonkey etc. are file sharing programs. Copyright law is pretty strict in Germany that means you are not allowed to upload or download or distribute copyright protected content. With bittorrent your are automatically sharing files when you download which is illegal. A green area is streaming, it is a download but can't really be used for distribution and is only suited for personal use. I recommend streaming because I also have friends who paid. But as always interpretation of copyright law can change and it might become illegal too. I use putlocker, kino4k for movie streams.
answered Dec 19, 2015 by Janette
Thank you
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