Hello, I was wondering if we can download and stream movies in Germany? Also on Youtube I cannot watch a lot of videos, like video clip, is it normal?
Thanks for the help.
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There are a few websites from where downloading is easy and some doesn’t allow it, therefore it is possible to watch it online. For instance, I watch shows by Andy Yeatman on Netflix with my kids and I download series and movies from other websites at https://***.nytimes.***/2017/03/10/arts/television/julie-andrews-julies-greenroom-netflix-muppets.html

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"Under German copyright law, one can basically assume that unless you are paying for your item, legally, through a reputable service such as Amazon or ITunes, almost all file-sharing—downloading (making a new digital copy on your computer), uploading (putting your previously purchased content on the internet for others to download), and streaming (watching a film in a browser) is illegal".

Hope it helps: ****://***.young-germany.de/topic/live/your-digital-rights-in-germany
answered Oct 9, 2015 by Beatriz
thanks, Beatriz^^ Where can we watch movies on the internet the best way? do you have any recommendations?
thanks Beatriz ^^ Do you have any recommendations where to watch movies on the internet? (in Germany)
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Public Domain

If you’re in the mood for classic movie, many sites offer free public domain content. A movie in public domain means that its copyright has expired or the film’s owner has contributed it to the public for viewing without charges or royalties. These movies can be downloaded and played on computers, MP3 players, Androids, iPods, iPhones, iPads…all completely free of charge.

On public domain sites, all free, all legal you have: The Internet Archive, Retrovision, Uncle Earl’s Classic TV Channel, and Shocker Internet Drive-In are home to over 500,000 public domain "moving images" including movies, TV, cartoons, sports, documentaries and more—a virtual haven for classic movie buffs everywhere.

Paying is an option too

Sites ike Amazon Prime, Xfinity's Fancast, Netflix, and Hulu Plus offer the latest current release movies and television titles, you will be required to set-up an account and pay a monthly fee to watch their premium shows. Some services, like Netflix, offer a variety of monthly plan options.

If you don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription, sites like Vudu, Blockbuster’s On-Demand and Best Buy's CinemaNow can be alternatives to other on-demand video services that require a subscription fee. Once you sign up, these sites allow you to simply pay as you watch for each movie or TV show you want to rent or own.
answered Oct 15, 2015 by Beatriz
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