Hallo Wefugees,

who of you is learning german with an online app or online course?
Which one can you recommend?

Looking forward to your answers.

Thanks so much. You already helped me a lot :)
asked Oct 10, 2016 in Education by Laura23 | 1,564 views

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5 Answers

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Hi Laura,

I have used the platform Duolingo and I think it is quiet good.

You can learn at your own pace, it is free and it is varied and quiet nice. And a good thing is that you can choose your mother tongue or the language that you want for the site.

You can also be in contact with other users to keep motivated. The platform has different tactics to make it easy and not boring, and there is also a forum where you can ask if you have any questions and find other possibilities to learn, or propose creating a group to practice the language by Skype, for example.

Here you have the link in English: https://en.duolingo.***/
answered Oct 10, 2016 by Elena
cool tipp. Thanks a lot Elena :) does it cost anything?
You are welcome :) No, it's a free service and you have also other languages to learn if you are interested.
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Hello Laura,

I mostly concentrate on memorising words and I find the website below perfect in this process, you can give it a shot .



#LearnGermanVocabulary #English #memrise
answered Oct 10, 2016 by Rebiwar
Thanks a lot Rebiwar :) I will have a ****
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Hello Laura,

there is plenty of possibilities to learn German online. If you want to get an overview of free tools than I can recommend you this website:


It contains a list of web-based programmes that you can choose from depending on your current level and what you want to focus on while learning (for example grammar or vocabulary etc.).

There are three big sub-categories:

1. "Gezielt lernen" -> there you can choose one of the other sub-categories to work on your German in a very focused way.

2. "Nebenbei lernen" -> this list contains programmes and websites that you can use to learn in a less strict/systematic way. Some of the offers are more fun-based.

3. "Effizient lernen" -> here you can find some other useful tools to improve your German.

All of the linked programmes were rated by the community. So you can easily see  which of them is helpful or not.

Let me know if my answer was helpful to you or if you have further questions.

answered Oct 10, 2016 by Thor
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Hi Laura,  

here i found a collection of youtube videos to learn german.
https://***.youtube.***/user/freeGermanlessons/playlists  but sometimes i find them quite boring.

I personally like this webiste: ****://***.dw.***/de/deutsch-lernen/deutschtrainer-lektionen/s-32889

there you can also find a lot of good videos to learn it.

this: ****://***.dw.***/de/deutsch-lernen/harry/s-13219 is quite cool as well. You just have to register.

Good luck
answered Oct 10, 2016 by human
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I want to add a couple of resources too, namly ***.deutsch-ueben.tk and ***.deutschlernerblog.de help me a lot to understand and practice. You'll find there lots of free exercises and explanations.
answered Aug 24, 2021 by Kabahk
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