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I live in Germany. A year ago a woman filed a case against me for stalking and also hacking her accounts.  But, the case dropped before any court.  Because of the corona, the legal process took long until the case get dropped. 1 year I was in  stress and sorrow.

I want to file a case regarding her baseless claims. Maybe a little stalking be true, but hacking was completely untrue  As the case dropped 3 months ago, my question is that till when I have time to file a case against her.

Also, if I want to file it, it is better to file it under a "malicious prosecution" topic or something else?
asked Oct 6 in Legal advice by abbashp
Dear @abbashp, Wefugees is actually a platform on which we mainly discuss residence/integration questions and our counsellors are experts predominantly on residence and immigration law. I am afraid that we can not share too much information or experience on criminal law. I hope for your understanding. All the best, Meike

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