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Please i need advise, i was at the Auslanderbehorde and was granted Residence permit and they took my finger print, a copy of my passport and 1photo.

 My Question is that am still using Duldung but after my finger print they never took it back rather told me i will recieve a letter from Berlin Pin code in 2 to 3 weeks and when am coming for my Residence Card the Man at the office told me then he will take the Duldung from me.

I am asking is that possible or the Man should have given me a paper thats shows that my Residence permit is in process?

Just want to clarify on this or theirs nothing wrong with holding the Duldung till my Card arrives?

Pls i need an answers
asked Aug 20, 2019 in Legal advice by christianowusu

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Owusu is normal.All the best
answered Sep 4, 2019 by Tony1111
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