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Respected members of Wefugees,
 Thank you first of all for making such a platform to help so many out here like me.I have got a question which i will like to ask you.
  I am working in a resturant.It is new not more then 2 months old.Now i find it very strange that when some authorities come to check then everyone is given duties and we all have to stay.But as we got positive result from authorities everyone is getting very less working hours.Espicially me as i am working in kitchen and have to work alone.Its can be quite risky because we cook food with oil and during midday it become so much pressure that it is hard to keep up to good work.Also during preparing food they make us clean,which becomes more difficult to cook.
 I have spoke to my manager that in a kitchen one person cannot work alone,but he dont seem to care !!i am working there to only survive and is looking forward to a  better job. But what should i do till then?? All my others colleuge are refugees and they cant question.So i am taking.
Does it give such laws for a person who cook and clean at the same time?Or there are certain rules that has to match like 2 person for a kitchen ? Your answer will be highly appreciated and i will be looking forward.

asked Mar 5, 2018 in Legal advice by Adii

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Hello @Adii

Thank you for your question and sorry for the late reply.

What tasks you have to do depends on the terms and conditions that you and your employer agreed on in your contract - it has to specify that. If it says that your only job is to cook and nothing else, then of course it's not legal for your employer to ask you to cook and clean at the same time. Unfortunately it could be that your employer used a very broad job description that also includes taking care of the kitchen etc.

You might need support by an organisation that is specialized in labour law. If you tell us where you are living, we can do some research about counselling centers that you can get in touch with.

For now I will link @Franziska_jobs4refugees and @DavidJ of Workeer. Maybe they can help you to find a solution to your problem or they know organisations that you can get in contact with. Or they can show you how to use their websites/programmes to find a better job than the one you are currently stuck with.

Best regards,


answered Apr 12, 2018 by Thor
Dear Thorgen thank you so much for a reply.I will surely write an email to a given organization.
I am living in  Berlin.It started when some authorities used to visit our resturant we always use to be 3 person but as we got positive standard result from a company name ROCC,right after that they reduced the amount workers.Over that they talk really badly infront of clients.Kitchen situation becomes so bad that if someone will see they will never comeback to eat.I feel really bad for the ppl who come there with kids and family to enjoy some better time and spend so much of money over our dirty products.I really want to take some step for the sake of innocent ppl who knows nothing about reality of our food but i am also abit scared that it turn out wrong for me.In my contract he wrote Kuche arbiet and it includes everything.I dont mind cleaning but it has to be done on proper timing.Sometime food that i prepare are so unhygenic that i myself wilk not eat.When i try to keep it clean or take time then our manager starts shouting and acts like zombi.
Thank you for taking out time.
Best regards
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