I am from outside Europe. Now i am pregnant with no legal status because of some condition. Me and my boyfriend (German) want this baby and want to raise the child together in Germany. We wish to get me a legal status to stay so we can have proper healthcare and the rights of being legal. How can we do this?

Thank you!
asked Oct 23, 2020 in Legal advice by Rosesmith9704 | 575 views
My location now is in Germany and worried if I will get deported because I dont want to be in long distance during my pregnancy
@Rosesmith9704, you need a good lawyer, he or she will tell you on what to do.

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Dear @Rosesmith9704,

Thanks so much for reaching out to the wefugees-community! I will try to answer your question in a general manner based on the limited information I have on your case.

Even before the child is born you and your boyfriend can reach out to the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) and recognize your boyfriend as the father. After birth your kid will automatically get the german citizenship and you can apply for a residence title with the purpose of raising a minor german citizen.

Since I do not know all the specific variables of your case I would advise you to seek help from an office specialized on helping refugees in your town or reach out to migration online counseling before taking the next steps.

I hope my answers were helpful and I would be very happy if you would contact me again with further questions. I'm a consultant with mbeon and I‘ll be glad to help you over a longer period of time. Mbeon is an online advice for migrants via the mbeon app, which you can install on your smartphone for free. Download it from App Store or Google Play Store. You can find me in the mbeon app and get confidential individual advice in a secure virtual space without other people reading our conversation. Further information: ***.mbeon.de.

Best regards,

your mbeon-Rukundo

answered Oct 27, 2020 by Mbeon-Rukundo
Hi thank you so much for answering. I am fron asian country and the Jugendamt will they ask for my legal status. Bcs am in the country ilegally will that be an issue?
Dear @Rosesmith9704, this might happen but to my knowledge this would only mean trouble if the preconditions for a so called "abuse of paternity" (§ 1597a V BGB) were given. An abuse of paternity would mean that you are only recognizing the paternity of your partner to get a permanent residence in Germany, there are no Family ties between Father and child etc. Since your boyfriend is the biological Father of the child the preconditions for that are not given per law which states that a recognition of a biological Father can never fall in the category of abusive recognition of paternity. I would advise you still to reach out to another refugee Office just to be on the safe side though.
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