Well like stated above, I have been in this country for 10 years going 11,am got to know my now husband then,we moved in together,1 year after our oldest child was born,we decided to build,without my awareness,I didn’t obviously bring any financial assistance to our living together so he ,he got a building place from his parents ,he(we) build and 3 years later came our 2nd born,I was like anyone a stay at home mum,my husband provided for everything,1 year after our 2nd born was born he decided we because of the money should get married,well we did ,fast forward 6 years later,I started to work for 450€ going on,sound all happy right

Well he claimed I should also started paying bills,and I thought we are married ,kids house and everything it’s his right than i also Chip in right?

But I questioned one this which is,I paid my health insurance with Kindergeld when I was not working because he is privately insured and told me it will make no sense for me to be insured with him,so him and the kids are privately insured and I used Kindergeld because it’s the only money I got Until I worked ,now I earn 450€ I should chip in and am left with 0€ saving,so I asked him but who is written on „“our House?he said just him because we were not married  

Wait then my German was not good but I don’t remember him even inquiring to be if I want to be a Part of his dream home,wait we have 2 cars that are under his name ,he claims he gets better insurance deals because he has better Stufe (to Pay less)

Wait now I started to question what do I legally own,I pay no direct bill,apart from my 450€ which he wants to see how I use and there is no basically my name on anything!

I challenged him to explain why am get married after kids and house normally is always the married,kids and house Or something like that,he claimed he is for sure the property he owns since he build it as we were together,it automatically counts like am also a owner,and I kind of didn’t buy the story ,

I asked him why can’t we go to an attorney and let it be written what he claims it’s true ,I want to see my name under House or anything on this matter,he says it’s too much money to spend ,he knows for sure since we build the house together not married and I didn’t bring a coin apart from a bag full of clothes and divorce papers,I have a share!

Now here is the tricky part,I applied for German passport which am eligible,it’s been approved and I should get it the the next few months it’s just due to Ukraine situation I could have gotten it by now!

I found out,he has another apartment which his mum spoke of that he never mentioned to me about,and has 1 larger he rents outs that I never knew it excited,when I asked him about it he said he never saw the need to tell me anyway,what is his its automatically mine!

I feel stolen,used and misused,I had to fight to even tell him I need a 450€ work,which he now terrorizes me for,when I join the dots,am fully aware that it’s with purpose he preferred to build then get married,why am not in any insurances and why the other apartment and larger was never a topic,

My question is,I feel stolen from and I want to leave and be my own self!This man who i thought I knew I feel I don’t know,he is 25 years older than me,I was aware then of our age gap ,but now I don’t want to be convinced he had the best intrest of me in his mind,yes he is Not abusive,but I feel like he stole from me,I have no money,nothing and I feel he held that against me to be financially incapable to never walk away

Well now I want to walk away,my passport is underway,I don’t want any of his money,I want the freedom to make my own,

What is at stake here?Will I revoke my citizenship and passport application cancel if I walk away?

Will they get the passport back if am no longer married?

Is it true that we both own the property?

It can’t be true,how and there is no where states my name ?

I want to walk away,please help
asked Dec 4, 2022 in Legal advice by True | 298 views

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Dear @True,

Regarding your citizenship application, has the decision already been made to grant you citizenship? Did you get a decision in writing (in German ‘Bescheid’) from the citizenship section of your local Ausländerbehörde? If it only a matter of waiting to be issued with the actual passport, then I do not see any reason for it to be revoked. If you get divorced in the future, it does not mean you lose your German citizenship.

If you have not yet been granted German citizenship:

If you separate from your husband, then this means you no longer live as partners and are obliged to inform the Ausländerbehörde of your new situation.

The question about property doesn’t have anything to do with immigration law and is a question for a lawyer who deals in family law and determining who receives which assets after a divorce. I do not have experience in such matters but I did some quick research for information relating to this online.

As I understand it, there can be various agreements and court orders regarding how assets are divided up after a divorce. But most commonly the rule is to do with what assets were acquired during the marriage. This means whatever you and your husband owned before getting married is not looked at. They only consider assets (e.g. cars, property) acquired during the time you were married. They **** at how much value these assets each of you have and calculate the difference.

 The person who has acquired more assets during the marriage would then be obliged to pay some money to the other partner to make up the difference. As you describe it, the house was fully in his possession prior to marriage and so would remain so after a divorce. But they would **** also at other assets, cars, savings he acquired during the marriage. I advise you to seek out a lawyer to **** at your individual circumstances in detail.



answered Dec 6, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
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