Good day to everyone on this platform. Please there's something bothering me and I wish to know if it's right.  

I applied for permanent resident permit as a subsidiary protection resident permit holder with travel documents for foreigners ( Reiseausweis für Ausländer). In 2019,  I was denied to get my home  country passport but I tried and even the Ausländerbehörde gave me a letter to my embassy but my embassy replied the Ausländerbehörde and from that proid, I was issued Reiseausweis für Ausländer by the Ausländerbehörde and now , the same Ausländerbehörde is asking me to bring my home country passport for my permanent residence permit application which I don't understand.  Please I wish to know if it's possible or right as they receive a letter from my embassy to let them know why they can't issue me passport in 2019 which they themselves gave me travel documents , which I have been renewing it since 2019 or should I contact a lawyer? Please I need your urgent opinion.  Thank you
asked Aug 15, 2023 in Asylum proceedings by Denny28 | 231 views

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Hi @Denny28

Is the letter from the Ausländerbehörde making a standard request for you to produce a passport as part of the application process? If so, you should point out to them that it is not possible for you to obtain a passport and make reference to the letter from the embassy.

If, however, they make reference to your specific situation and are requesting a passport, then you may need to obtain a new letter from the embassy. It is difficult for me to assess without having any information on the request of the Ausländerbehörde but I presume they wish to see if you are now able to obtain a passport. Is it possible that the reasons you were unable to obtain a passport in 2019 have changed? For example, changes in the country’s administration or technical ability to produce passports for their citizens residing in Germany? Then the Ausländerbehörde would need current confirmation from the embassy that they still cannot issue you with a passport.

I cannot advise you on whether to contact a lawyer or not. But I advise you first to clarify the above.



answered Sep 1, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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