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My German girlfriend was about to give me birth  l don't have Ghanaian passport because the one who bring me here  took back all the ducoment when I came here in Germany. It was difficult for me to do the vatershalfanerkennung with sorgerecht. I  found  lawyer  to  help  me  to get  the duldung to enable me to do the vatershalfanerkennung with sorgerecht. So the lawyer requested a permition from ausländer and ausländer ask me any ducoment l have in. I  sent my birth certificate. And the ausländer send me to bamf. There the bamf issue me aufenthaltgestattung as asylum  without interview. I used aufenthaltgestattung to do the vatershalfanerkennung with sorgerecht  .next two weeks the bamf as me for the asylum process interview. I told them that I can not do the asylum because I have a child with german citizenship. So they stop my asylum processing. And I bamf has cancelled myasylumprocess  and they are now handle my case to  ausländer. In this case can l deported,
asked Aug 25 in Asylum proceedings by Evans

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