I was Asylum seeker 2014 -2017 in Germany, I later left and went to Greece and got a 5 years resident permit from Greece.  Now I’m planning on doing Anmeldung  in Germany with my permit cause I’m pregnant and the father of my child has German permit …I went to a lawyer who told me I have to pay 680€ to cancel my asylum First before I can be able to do anything in Germany, he said I’m on searching list … I’m confused so I need help on how to cancel it without paying so much money ..
asked Apr 21, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Treyy | 245 views
Do I really need to cancel it before doing my Anmeldung?
Hello @Treyy, thank you for reaching out to us with your question and I'm sorry to see, that you haven't got an answer yet. I will link our dear experts @mbeon-Ruth and @mbeon-rike here, maybe they can have a **** at your question and get back to you shortly with some legal advice. Best regards, Julia

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Dear @Treyy,

I'd recommend you take a lawyer or, if you cannot affort (note: you can pay monthly rates to lawywers): There is the refugee law clinic who gives legal advice to refugees for free. See here https://rlc-deutschland.de/

And yes, you have to take back your application for asylum (if it hasn't been cancelled by the german authorities anyway) before getting a residence permit.



I hope my answers were helpful. I'm a consultant at the app “mbeon” and I‘ll be glad to help you over a longer period of time. Mbeon is an online advice for migrants via the mbeon app, which you can install on your smartphone for free. Download it from App Store or Google Play Store. ” and get confidential one-to-one advice in a secure virtual space without other people reading our conversation. Further information: ***.mbeon.de.

answered Jun 8, 2022 by mbeon-Ruth
Thank you for your answer, dear @mbeon-Ruth.
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For confidential one-on-one consultations in a secure virtual space, we work with mbeon. You can download the mbeon app free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store and have private conversations with mbeon consultants there:

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