I start an Ausbildung in last year and staying germany with Aufethalstattung , from last month I had some problems with My work place, now they sent me a Kündigung. The reason and the way they react was not in a right thing , so I wanna know if I choose to face with them through law , am I need to pay the lawyer fees by my self ? Even the case loose ?

Heard that some kind of Amt helps to pay the fees and charges of the case even if we loose , can you please explain and if that’s true please give me more informations or links about that Amt near Köln or Bergisch Gladbach please

Thank you
asked Aug 2, 2020 in Legal advice by Nima

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Hi,my free advice regarding you situation. This is only opinion regarding a life here in Germany.
1. Look for another company as soon as you can and continue with your apprenticeship.
2. Many schools are on holiday until September. Therefore use this time well looking for a second company instead stress yourself with a previous company.
3.You have to know a legal system in Germany is not as a walk in a park. A case court may take a years. So think twice what will you be doing at this, sitting around at home and waiting!??.
4.I don't know what was the ground or reasons for your contract to be terminated. But for you to go back in a same company will be so dangerous for you and its not healthy.
Regarding a lawyer  I don't know and I don't know neither what kind of case you want to pursue. All the best.
answered Aug 4, 2020 by Cockington
Thank you for your reply , it’s helpful , actually I already found a second company and got the new Ausbildung contract also. I ‘m looking for a lawyer because my last workplace sent me a letter of termination that I didn’t proceed them my Aufenthalstattung renewal copy , actually I did renewed but that specific time period ( 24.7 to 31.7 ) i was informed them that I’m Sick with Doctor’s letter ( Krankmeldung) so I don’t this it’s legal, also they won’t pay my urlaub Tages . So I think I can go through Lawyer. The only scared thing about my self , how can I effort a lawyer fees , that’s what I’m looking here for a good advise
It's nice to hear that you have a new place.
There certain things in life sometimes  we have to let it go. As I said before  a  average waiting time for a certain cases is 10 months or more trust me. You will be surprised to see your case takes 2 years or more. You may end up finishing your apprenticeship and your case regarding your previous employer not finish. Just imagine if a case goes against your previous employer and he/she decides to appeal against a court decision. What will happen next... and next  and next
Take what happened as a lesson in life and through that make your dreams come true.
Use your potential in something positive. All the best
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