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I have a question about moving to private home. I got a status last year ( Ausbildungsduldung) and I live in Munich (Oberbayern) when I got my Ausbildungsduldung then I moved to private home but I need to get the home permission. There is one form to fill it out with home contract but the government told me that it takes 9 months to give you answer. So I decided to submit the documents and moved to private home and I pay my rent myself from last year. Now the government gave me the answer that they want my passport to give me home permission. I do not understand. Why the government want my passport for home permission. What is the reason ? I asked you before also but I did not understand.
asked Jul 9 in Legal advice by Zichako

Dear @Zichako

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

To be honest, I still struggle a little bit to understand your situation. Can you maybe give the German name for that “home permission”? And did you stay in the same city or you moved away to another district? Is it also possible that they ask for your passport regarding the “Ausbildungsduldung”, as this is actually one requirement for the issuing? Looking forward to your reply. 

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Thanks for the reply. i have already ausbildungsduldung but i found the home and pay by myself the rent. German word WOHNSITZAUFLAGE.

i was before from the goverment accommodation (unterkunft) but now i moved from there and i did not get permission for the (anmeldung) for the new place.

i was yesterday by RATHAUS and the goverment also shared with them that i do not get still the permission for anmeldung so the RATHUAS told me that we will speak with your Landlord (Vermieter).

i am scared that the RATHUAS will tell to my Landlord that i m not allow official to live here, 

and second thing that i have ausbildungsduldung according to law 18a after my ausbildung to get aufenthalerlaubnis and also i m  in germany from 2013 and in  september my 7 years will be completed and from october wil be started my 8th years so hopefully i will be eligible for aufenthalterlaubnis according the german law 25b . is it right ?


answered Jul 25 by Zichako
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