Dear wefugees team,  please I have a question which I  will be glad to be answer.
Please my girlfriend been granted national deportation ban status but we have taking it to the court and I myself has also been granted sudicidiar Protection from the court. Please we are still living together in an asylum house and she's six months pregnant.  Please I wish to know if after she give birth whether the Landkreis will move us from the family asylum house to living house or not because I have seen some women here who has given birth but still living in the small room with their babies. Please is there any place I can go for more knowledge about this ? We are under (Landkreis Harburg) in 21423 Winsen .

Also since I started working on the 2nd of October,  the Ausländerbehorder has stopped paying my pregnant woman ( girlfriend) , I mean for the past two months now while we're not on papers. The refer her as my fiance and now they since send me a letter to pay for the room we living starting from the 2nd October when I started working.  Please I want to know if this is lawful.

1. They refused to pay my pregnant girlfriend for the past two months now

2. And they still want me to pay for the room we are living in.

Please I need help
asked Dec 21, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Denny28 | 494 views

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Dear @Denny28,

Thank you for reaching out to us again and sorry for the wait, I haven't been able to check the platform during the Holidays. 

Let's have a **** at your questions separately. 

1. First of all, where are you able to live with your status:

If you say that your girlfriend has been granted national ban on deportation §60 V + VII AufenthG and you have been granted subsidiary protection §4 AsylG, both of you have a residence permit for (at least) one year. You do not have to live in a Wohnheim, but are allowed to find a flat to live in. According to the Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen, the Jobcenter or "Sozialamt" (social services office) can also pay the rent if you earn little or nothing. Click this link for a few ideas on where to find housing

Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen information on living and moving with subsidiary protection (German): https://***.nds-fluerat.org/leitfaden/10a-fluechtlinge-mit-aufenthaltserlaubnis-nach-25-abs-2-satz-1-alternative-2-aufenthg-subsidiaer-schutzberechtigte/10a-2-wohnen-umziehen-und-reisen/

And on national ban on deportation (German): https://***.nds-fluerat.org/leitfaden/11-fluechtlinge-mit-aufenthaltserlaubnis-nach-25-abs-3-aufenthg-national-schutzberechtigte/92-wohnen-umziehen-und-reisen/

Just be aware that a so-called "Wohnsitzauflage" applies to anyone receiving a status since 01.01.2016, which means you have to stay in the Federal State in which you received your residence permit for the first three years. There are ways to apply for a cancellation, if you are accepted for university/ education purposes or a job* in a different Bundesland.

The local counselling centers in your area will be able to help out with questions around living in Germany and your rights as well. 

Here are the ones I could find in Winsen:

​Arbeiterwohlfahrt Flüchtlings- und Integrationsberatung

21423 Winsen ( Luhe )

Herr Erk Jessen
04171/84 89 00

Frau Klamann-Senz
04171/84 84 657

Link: https://***.awo-kv-wl.de/Fluechtlingsberatung


Haus der Diakonie Winsen

Im Saal 27, 21423 Winsen (Luhe)
Tel. 0 41 71 / 69 26 0 


2. As for your second question, the situation you describe seems confusing. What exactly do you mean by "for the past two months while we're not on papers"? Also, you two are not married and the Ausländerbehörde is confusing that? 

Since your girlfriend is pregnant and doesn't have a job, there are special regulations and she should be entitled to receive financial support. There are probably different amounts of money you receive, depending if you are alone or in a partnership. Maybe this information sheet in English helps out, see page 32-36. Once you have your child, you are also able to receive child benefits.

I hope the sources I linked here can help out a bit, definitely try and contact the counselling centers for more help in person (they might be away until January 2, 2019!).

Of course you can reach out to us again if you need any further assistance.

All the best,


answered Dec 26, 2018 by Isa
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