Hello my parents recently got Aufenthalterlaubnis, and my lawyer filed an Ausbildungsduldung for me. I want to change my place of residence within this city and move in with my parents. I am stable enough to pay for ourselves. Is it possible while the decision about my case is yet to come and still I can change my place of residence?
asked Jul 18, 2022 in Legal advice by Sidra | 659 views
Dear @Sidra, thank you for being an active member of the community and sharing your question with us. I will link our expert @mbeon-fardeen here. Maybe he can have a **** at your question and help you with an answer. Best wishes, Julia
Thank you and I will be waiting!

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Dear @Sidra,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community.

Are you currently living in a camp (Gemeinschaftsunterkunft)? If so, it is usually possible to change your place of residence in the same city, in some states of Germany it is even possible to change your city inside the same region (Landkreis). However, for that you need to apply for a permission in your Social Affairs Office (Sozialamt) or in some states you need to apply in your Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbehörde) for that.

The social workers in your camp will give you information about it, where you should apply for that. They will also help you write an application for it.

After getting the permission and moving to the apartment with your family, you should inform your lawyer, your respective Foreigners' Office and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Germany (BAMF) about your new address, as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Fardeen Noori

answered Jul 18, 2022 by mbeon-fardeen
Yes,I am living in a Gemeinschaftsunterkunft. Thank you for the help!
You are welcome!
Hello! I have one more question. My question is whether it is possible to change states or not after I get my decision.
with a positive decision, it is either possible after 3 years of staying in the same state or if you have a work contract in the other state, where you should work at least 15 hours per week, or you do an apprenticeship (Ausbildung) or you study in another state of Germany. If you have a work contract or apprenticeship or you have a matriculation in a university in another state, you can apply in your respective Foreigners' Office for a permission. In German means, that you apply for ''Streichung der Wohnsitzauflage'' from your residence permit.
My ausbildung is about to come to an end. So it is possible after ausbildung I can find a job in another state and move? I have already been living here since 5 years. I guess I understood it right that I can move to another state if I find a job in that particular state.
If you already have a positive decision for your asylum application from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Germany, yes you can it easily.
But, if you are during the asylum process and have not received your decision, it is difficult to move to the other state. In this case, if you find a work in another state, and apply in your Foreigners' Office for permission to move to the other state. This Foreigners' Office will decide together with the Foreigners' Office of the state, where you want to move. They will see if you have already started working in the other state with the permission of your respective Foreigners' Office but your way is too long from the place you are living to the place of your work, how long term is your employment contract, have you found an apartment for yourself in the other state, and so on. This process takes a long time.
However, if you have a positive decision for your asylum application, it does not take much time in comparison with someone, who is still in asylum process and applying for it.
Thank you for helping me out with your answers! Is it possible to move to the nearest city located to the place of my ausbildung? My parents have got a positive result and they are allowed to move. My decision is yet to come and the town where I am living has already ran out of  rental apartments. Therefore, no flats for rent. On top of that my social worker is forcing me to live in a congested room with 2 other woman. I cannot accept this and I dont' want to. I am in a dire situation. I want to move in with my parents. I cannot live with other people in the same room. Although the officer of town hall has asked us to find an apartment and move and he even informed me about my case that even I should have got my decision. Weeks have passed and no reply from auslanderbehorde! It is beyond limits seriously!
So is it possible to move to the city if it falls under the same district? Did I understand it right??
If the same Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbheörde) is responsible for the other city, where you want to move, is mostly the easiest and you just have to take the permission from Social Welfare Office (Sozialamt) to move out of the camp. If another Foreigners' Office is responsible for the other city, where you want to move, then you have to apply for it in your Foreigners' Office. Then, the two Foreigners' Offices will decide together, if they give you the permission to move. Please refer in your city to a Migration Counseling Office, such as to Diakonie, DRK/BRK, or to AWO, so that they can help you with writing the application and so on..
Thank you so much for your kind advice! It might help me a lot! :)
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