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 We, family of 6 ( 4 grown up, 2 kids from 12 and 15 ) with income of 5,000 Euro netto, have found a private house, in which we are going to move out to from Asylbewerberunterkunft in 1 month. We all are still working but have had no interview and thus still in Asylverfahren. we wonder if there is any financial or material support that we can apply to to Landratsamt to cover the first basic equipment of home ( with beds and tables and etc ) and the caution as the Umzug is being costly to us too much. if there is any other Organisation that might be helpful like Caritas, please tell me about it as well! thank you very much, I hope to hear from you as fast as possible as we have to act fast or we sleep on ground ( still better than Asylunterkunft )

asked Feb 29 in Home & Living by Mariam_1997 | 385 views

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Hello Ms. @Mariam,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community.

If you still get a little financial support from the Landratsamt or Sozialamt, you can apply for it in one of these offices. If you get no financial support from one of these offices, sometimes it is still possible to get a part of the money, you spend for your initial requirements in your new apartment; of course, if your income is not enough for these requirements. In this case, when you apply for the initial requirements (Erstausstattung) in your respective Landratsamt or Sozialamt, they assess your financial situation and see whether you have the right to get some help from them or not.

In addition, there are some organizations such as DRK/BRK or Caritas, which have Möbelkammer, from where you can buy the second hand furniture for your apartment with very low price.

Last but not least, in some cases, depending on the city, where you live, there are some organizations which have some budget for this. When you refer to them, they will assess your financial situation and after that they might help you with it financially. Please refer to a migration counseling office, such as to Caritas, Diakonie, AWO, BRK/DRK, in the city or region, where you live, and ask them about it, they may give you some good tips about it.

I hope, you have got your answer. I am a MBEON consultant. If you wish to contact me directly, you can see my profile and follow the instructions there.

Best wishes

Fardeen Noori

answered Mar 6 by mbeon-fardeen
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