Hello dear wefugee team, my family reunion visa has been approved and they are willing to come this month. My question is whom should I contact about housing?
And is does the immigration office helps with flight costs?
I'm looking forward for your response.

asked Nov 6, 2022 in Home & Living by Jeddy | 230 views

Hello and welcome back to Wefugees, thank you for your question and your trust. I will link our expert @mbeon-éanna here. And in the meantime, I can recommend you the website, make it in Germany, which has summarized an overview with 5 steps for a family reunion. https://***.make-it-in-germany.***/en/living-in-germany/family-life/spouses-joining-citizens-non-eu

Update: hello, the socialamt told me they will find me an apartment but I still don't know if the immigration office or Jobcenter helps me with flight tickets as I'm taking unemployment benefits at the moment. Thank you for your answer

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Dear @Jeddy

First of all, I am very happy to hear that your family’s visa got approved and that you finally be reunified soon! 

I am afraid, however, that the immigration office (definitely not) or the job center will most likely not support you with the flight costs. Instead, I would recommend you to contact a local refugee counseling office and/or the the refugee council in your federal state. Some organisations have a fund for these purposes and the counseling office could provide you with an individual advice as well as support you with the application.

Let us know if you need help in finding such an office close-by. For this, it would be good if you share your approximate location.

All the best, 


answered Nov 13, 2022 by Meike
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