Hello, first of all thank you everyone for this project and all the answers you provide me and all the others with.

our situation: Asylbewerber for 1,5 year, since october 2022 in Asylbewerberunterkunft placed, we had very hard and critical situation in unterkunft and we were sofort in other Asylbewerberunterkunft moved few days ago. Haushaltsincome is 3300 Brutto / month for 4 person ( 2 parent, 2 underage ) and additional 1400 Brutto for 2 other +18 person. we know that it's pro person calculated like 520 eu + what's left can be used for rent and it's separately calculated for +18s. so at the end we have around 1200 Eu for kaltmiete, it's not however enough for a wohnung/haus with at least 3 sleeping room. for about 1500, 1600 KM there are some offers and we wonder if we can still get zuschuss for that small part of rent we are not allowed to cover ourselfes. I filled out WBS just in case, but i don't know if we are allowed to have it. none of us had a interview, except one 18+ who is in Ausbildungsduldung right now.

thanks and if there is anything unclear. please point out.
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Dear @Mariam_1997

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, asylum seekers (people with a pending asylum case and "Aufenthaltsgestattung") are usually not able to receive a so-called "Wohnberechtigungsschein" (WBS). I am not sure if I fully understand your other question. In general, it can be quite difficult to get the permission to move out from a refugee accomodation into private housing as an asylum seeker (still waiting for the BAMF's decision). It gets even more complicated if people are dependant on social money and need to find accomodation in the set range (the "reasonable" rent which will be covered). Maybe you can specify a bit more about your case. 

Looking forward to your reply and all the best, 


answered Jan 21 by Meike
Hello dear Meike,

thank you for your answer, we are getting no social leistungen and we pay rent for our stay in Asylbewerberunterkunft ourselves. we know that we are only then allowed to rent home, after each of family member has lebensunterhalt gesichert(502 euro) and what's left can be spared for the rent. in our case spared money makes up to 1200 euro and durchscnhntmiete. in our area is about 13 euro, which means fur 6 person we can hardly find about 100m2 house and tenants don't want such a big family in their 100m2 place. we would need about 300-400 euro more to find a accomodation that would accept us, we ourselfs sadly cant go any more on salaries, and we wonder if landratsamt or any organisation (NGO or GO ) could help us. living almost 2 years in small room as a family of 6 is really becoming unbearable for us.
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