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Please how can someone get a residence permit through foreign kids with residence permit 25.2 as they all leave together
asked May 21, 2020 in Legal advice by Prince baba

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Dear Prince baba, 

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any law giving a legal status to a person living together with children, who are not his/her own and have a humanitarian residence permit in Germany. 

If his/her residence in Germany is in danger, I would recommend to seek some individual advice, for instance in a migration counselling office. There might be alternative options to stabilize the status here (work etc.). 

I am sorry not being able to provide a better answer but I will link two of our wonderful experts here: Maybe @mbe-on_Zsigó or @mbeon-Ruth can add to this? 

All the best, 


answered May 29, 2020 by Meike
Thanks for your reply
They are my kids and we leave together
They and their mother where granted three years each with the blue passport
Dear Prince baba,

Now I understand, thank you for the clarification. I think you already read this answer ( on a very similar question, right?  I am afraid I can not add much more on this for now. So there is basically no right by law and you are dependent on the discretion of the immigration office. As it was recommended in the mentioned/linked thread, I would also suggest to get in touch with a lawyer on this.

All the best,

Thank you very much for your time

Best regards
Prince baba
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