Im an Algerian, I applied for asylum in Germany 2019, I got accepted Paragraph 25 abs (2) with 3 years Residence Permit.

I live in Frankfurt am Main.

I will renew my Permit in February 2023, is the Language Certificate obliged to renew my Permit?
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Dear @kariimde, welcome to Wefugees and thanks for reaching out to us. I will link our dear expert @mbeon-Èanna here. Maybe he can have a **** at your question and come back to you shortly. Best wishes, Julia

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Hi @kariimde,

A language certificate is not a requirement to renew your reisdence permit.

You may at some point be obliged by the Ausländerbehörde or the Jobcenter (if you are receiving financial support form them) to take part in an Integration Course, if they have the view that your German is not good enough. If this happens, they will write to you to inform you of this obligation (in German 'Verpflichtung zur Telnahme an einem Integrationskurs'). If you refuse to do the integration course, it can then have an impact on getting your permit renewed.



answered Sep 12, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
Thanks for your prompt answer, dear @mebon-Éanna :)
Thank you so much for the answer, I received a letter from the Job Center but I didn't even read it. I had depression and even I sent to my old school all the proof from my doctors.

Do you have a free consultation to read the job center documents and explain to me what they said? Thanks in advance
You're welcome, I sent you a reply.
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