I m back with my new question. First of all, thanks all of you to help us on this platform.

My question is that I got last year Ausbildungsduldung but I won from the court and got permission for Ausbildungsduldung. Then I started to find the home. In June 2019 I found one room and I moved to this room from the government accommodation and I sent all documents ( home contract, last 3 months wages slip, Ausbildung contract with Wohnsitz Formular  which I filled the papers and send It)  . I m in Oberbayern Munich.

After 10 months I got the answer from the government ( Regierung Oberbayern ) and they wanted me to have the identity document from my home country. I m confused. Why they need now my identity for only changing the home . When I got the Ausbildungsduldung, that time they didn’t ask my identity.   I m paying for my home rent and I do not get any help from government . can you tell me , will they deport me?

My second question, next year in October my 8 years will be completed . Can I apply for (25b law Aufenthalts recht  )  before 4 or 5 months ( before October) ?

asked May 19, 2020 in Legal advice by Zichako

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Hi,did you finish your apprenticeship? Or you still doing your apprenticeship?

What was a result for your asyl interview? Cos if was negative its means you will be aloud to appeal(court).
If your case it's still in court don't bother with landrasamt. What their trying to do is illegal. Many ppl fall in this trap easily.
If you did finished apprenticeship then you be allowed to get 2yrs resident permit  if you submit your passport. But find a lawyer or a social worker who knows how this work.
answered May 19, 2020 by Cockington
My case was negative in 2017 from court . I got Duldung in 2017 March and then I applied for Ausbildungsduldung In 2018 July but landrasamt did not give the permission even the landrasamt did not answer for my Ausbildungsduldung permission and after 5 months I appealed to court then I got the permission for Ausbildungsduldung from the court In 2019 and I got Ausbildungsduldung.
I m still doing my Ausbildung and I have one and half year more to finish my Ausbildung. But with the time I found one room and moved to this room and now I pay the rent and I do not get any benefits from the government from 2019  and I submit all documents like ausbildung contract, wages slip, home contract. But now they want from me the passport to get home permission. I do not know, what to do
Listen,your situation is nothing more than a" mind game" from landrasamt. This is not good for your health,apprenticeship,work performance and civilisation in Germany society.
What you have to do is get back to court,inform a  court which gave you a green light to do your apprenticeship.
Its called injunction,through this a court of law will decide a matter within a very short time.
What you have to do is write a letter to court and put a letter from landrasamt (copy please) which shows their demands.
Take this letter and submit it by yourself in court if is possible.
The moment you open a case just focus with your apprenticeship,stay positive and look after yourself.
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