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I m back with my new question. First of all, thanks all of you to help us on this platform.

My question is that I got last year Ausbildungsduldung but I won from the court and got permission for Ausbildungsduldung. Then I started to find the home. In June 2019 I found one room and I moved to this room from the government accommodation and I sent all documents ( home contract, last 3 months wages slip, Ausbildung contract with Wohnsitz Formular  which I filled the papers and send It)  . I m in Oberbayern Munich.

After 10 months I got the answer from the government ( Regierung Oberbayern ) and they wanted me to have the identity document from my home country. I m confused. Why they need now my identity for only changing the home . When I got the Ausbildungsduldung, that time they didn’t ask my identity.   I m paying for my home rent and I do not get any help from government . can you tell me , will they deport me?

My second question, next year in October my 8 years will be completed . Can I apply for (25b law Aufenthalts recht  )  before 4 or 5 months ( before October) ?
asked May 13, 2020 in Legal advice by Zichako
Thanks for reply wefugee team

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